NEMRR History



A quick history lesson on how the NEMRR group came to be.


AAMRR was the original racing club here in NE was founded by Lou Otto along with Fred Otto, Marti Otto Whaley, and Walter von Shonenfeld in the early 1960s. June 1963 as best as I can find. It was later managed by Bob Pepper and then by Steve Ross and Donnie Mei until the mid-eighties before running into financial issues. These problems caused AAMRR to evaporate (mid-week, just before a race weekend was planned to be run). Ted Goddard, who was the Track Operations Manager at the time, called me (Steve Aspland) and told me of the problem and asked if Penguin Racing School could help cover the insurance for the weekend. I said, “you need to talk to Jerry Wood about that”. Jerry then called the AMA who sent people out to NE on two days’ notice to manage and insure the event (get yourself AMA membership, they do support all forms of our sport, so support them). Most of the riders never even knew that there was a problem or that these changes had been made. Ted then looked at a bunch of us standing in his office and said “if we are going to keep racing alive in NE you guys need to help”. That is how LRRS came to be. Don Hutchinson – Race Director, Jerry Wood – Safety Director, Fred Mitchell – Referee, Steve Aspland-Assistant Referee, Karen Hornbecker – Medical and many more volunteers all worked to make this what it is today. Then the LRRS group was transferred to SMI when Bob Bahre sold the NHMS facility to them and they have worked to continue this tradition of fun, safe, and some of the most competitive Amateur class motorcycle racing in the USA! ”  A funny story about that: On a Monday after an LRRS event I was sitting in the office out front waiting to drive Don Hutchenson to the airport who was out to lunch with Bob Bahre. He gets out of the car and while walking towards me he just starts laughing. “What so funny I asked”. Bob just asked me who owns LRRS so I had to tell him that he did. He just smiled and said I guess I will have to tell them (SMI) that it comes with the package. They had no idea either.


And now it is our turn to continue the tradition!


Welcome to NEMRR – North East Motorcycle Road Racing

Raced a Yoshimura 748cc Honda from 1976 - 1980. 1979 we added Piper Fuel Injection - Steve Aspland