Injured Riders Fund

Karen Hornbecker Memorial Injured Riders Fund

Established in memory of “the Nurse” and the love and care she provided the racers in LRRS and GP/Pro, the Karen Hornbecker Memorial Injured Riders Fund provides help to licensed NEMRR riders seriously injured in an on-track incident.


In lieu of any insurance a rider may have and not a form of insurance, the Injured Riders Fund provides immediate assistance to a rider and their family.


Need or know someone who needs assistance? Want more details, information, eligibility criteria? Need an application for assistance? Want to make a donation?


Please go to one of the following sources: or you can see any of the persons named below:


Jim Rich: Pre-Grid/ rider #62/ Seacoast Sport Cycle center garage 14 [email protected] 508-369-4847


Scott Greenwood: rider #4/ north garage 4


Alan Hathway: Tech


Jim Smith: rider #297/ Seacoast Sport Cycle center garage 14


Bill Coolahan: rider #47/ Pirelli garage


The following is a guideline to be able to receive funds from the KAREN HORNBECKER MEMORIAL FUND.

These criteria must first be met and then the final decision to distribute funds will be voted upon by the Board of Directors (BOD).

  • Request must be made with-in the first 30 days following the injury. Click here to download form
  • Must be a licensed racer with NEMRR Organization.
  • Must be injured during any of the following, regardless of track location: Thursday or Friday practice (including Penguin School) immediately preceding a NEMRR-promoted racing event at that track; or Any NEMRR-promoted racing event.
  • Funds must be requested by either the racer or a representative in writing. This information needs to include the racers name, address, phone number, email, race number, class and a brief description of the incident.
  • Must be seriously injured and out of work for an extended period of time.
  • Funds will be limited to no more than $750 per racer/injury and may be decreased by the BOD based on the seriousness of the injury.
  • The BOD has the final decision and may decline payment if the injury is not felt to be within the guidelines. All decisions are at the discretion and judgment of the BOD. All decisions are final.
  • All monies raised for this fund will be distributed based on the BOD decision not by the donor.
  • If fund raising proves successful, the bylaws can be amended to increase funding amount for distribution.
  • If funds are depleted to low levels the bylaws can be amended to decrease funding amount for distribution.
  • This fund is established to help with immediate needs of injured racers and is not designed to be a source of income or continuous source of funding for any injured racer. This funding is not to act as any type of insurance. This fund is designed to cover immediate needs for a racer and family. This fund is in lieu of any type of insurance coverage that a racer may have.
  • The BOD of the fund has the authority to spend monies from the fund to promote the fund and to pay the expenses of the fund.
  • The BOD has the authority to delete, add or change Bylaws by a majority vote and
    their decision shall be final and binding.
  • Revision 4-7-2022