First Race Weekend

1. Get Certified

Before you start racing with NEMRR, you need to take a NEMRR accredited racing school.  Most of our riders attend the Penguin School, which is held the day before each event, usually on Friday.  Once you've been through the Basic License Certification Course you have 1 year to purchase your racing license.


Rookie Race: this is done on your first weekend of actual racing after you have done your school and purchased your license and is FREE with the first actual NEMRR Novice race you register for.  The Rookie Race is the first race of the weekend and is just a "final exam" of sorts to help you be ready for competition.  Penguin coaches guide you through the whole process.

2. Prepare Your Equipment

Your license class covers all the details. Riders need a Snell or ECE rated helmet that was made no more than 5 years ago, a full leather suit with armor and a back pad, over the wrist leather gloves, and boots.

Here's the shortlist to get you started. 100% oil-tight, good tires, and brakes.  Need to remove all street gear (lights, directionals, mirrors). Race fiberglass is recommended and an oil-tight belly pan that can retain 3 quarts is required (1 quart for motard bikes). Safety wire front brake calipers, oil fill caps, drain plugs, and oil filters and put a dab of silicone on anything other plugs or bolts that retain fluid. Novice riders should use yellow number plates and black numbers (for those of you who get your license in advance and know your number).

3. License & Registration

All new riders will register for their first event at the racetrack. If applying for a race license applicants must provide proof of prior racing experience or a certificate indicating completion of an approved rider's school. Worst case, arriving at your first event on Friday by 5 pm will go a long way to making your first event less stressful. 

 If you took your Penguin Basic course on a previous weekend, please come let us know during Registration hours Friday of the event. There are vendors at the track that sell numbers and other racing items needed. 

4. Tech Inspection

This will be your first stop after registration. Chuck Brighenti is the Chief Tech Inspector (racer #89) and pits right next to Tech which is located in North Garage #7. Please feel free to swing by early in the day and have him take a look at your bike. He'll be happy to help you with friendly advice on all that you need to pass tech.

Bring your tech sheet, helmet, and fully prepared motorcycle (with numbers and transponder installed) to Tech located in North Garage #7. You can tech Friday from 4:00 -7:00 pm.  Saturday morning Tech opens at 7:00 am.

5. Arrival, Garages and Access

For NEMRR events the track gates officially open Friday afternoon.

Many riders simply base out of their trucks and trailers or rented garages. Garages may be available through NEMRR located in Registration. All riders and spectators must purchase pit passes for the weekend.

6. Saturday's Schedule

Registration and tech open at 7:00 am. There are two practice rounds. The first practice starts at 8:00 am. There are 9 practice groups (your group sticker is a colored square on your front number plate), so you'll want to pay close attention to the schedule as some groups are combined during the first round. New Novice (Rookie) riders have a MANDATORY rider's meeting immediately after the second round of Group 8 practice. This provides details about your Rookie Race and other important information. There is a MANDATORY riders meeting for ALL riders that will start shortly after practice ends.

The Rookie Race will be the first race, generally right after lunch. After you complete this race your status as an NEMRR racer will be official!  

7. Camping

Camping will be $25 per night which includes power and bath house facilities. This can be purchased upon arrival at NHMS. In case you will need to empty the tanks on your campers, there is a dump station available for $20 per dump.