New Riders

NEMRR has a fantastic atmosphere that welcomes all types of motorcycle riders.  Our riders range in age from 12 to 70+ and come from all walks of life.  What brings us together is our common love for motorcycling, competition, and the relationships we have with our racing family.  

Route #1 – Novice Racing

If you’ve got a fully prepared machine and are ready to race, NEMRR’s Novice class (unique to us) provides an atmosphere that truly allows new racers to develop comfortably and at their own pace. You only practice and race with other newer riders, and when you reach the “bump-out” lap time you are automatically advanced into the Amateur Ranks. We don’t mix new riders with the fast guy like many other organizations. The class structure is simple and riders often race as many as 3 races per day. There is a license certification course available the day before every event that all riders must complete (see  You can school one day and race the next! We provide lots of guidance along the way.

For a full checklist to prepare for your first Novice event CLICK HERE 

Route #2 – Super Street

If you’ve ridden a track day but are not sure if you’re looking to race (or perhaps you don’t have a race-prepared machine yet), Super Street is for you! Blended seamlessly into an NEMRR Saturdays (plus one special 2-day Sat-Sun event), Super Street riders get track time just like a racer. There is guidance and coaching in the morning and on top of two practice sessions, riders get two opportunities to have some extra fun with their fellow riders and compete in a pair of “races” – complete with transponders, lap times, and announcements over the PA! You get the thrill of taking the green and checkered flag, but it’s all done in the spirit of fun. If you want to start from the back row and just cruise – no worries, just go out and enjoy yourself.

For a full checklist to prepare for your first Super Street event CLICK HERE